Setting Goals and Creating Your Data Governance / Data Intelligence Roadmap

Data governance (or what is more broadly called Data Intelligence) is often identified as a key initiative in an organization. However, many efforts to implement data governance encounter challenges in starting or maintaining momentum. Data governance success is often built from having a good assessment of your organizations' strengths, having clear actionable goals, and a pragmatic roadmap for implementation. This 60 minute recorded webinar session will cover best practices for creating your data governance roadmap.

Covered in this session:
* Current-state data governance assessment strategies
* Developing data governance recommendations
* Defining the scope and prioritizing which recommendations to implement
* Defining the scope(s) of your data governance initiative with prioritization
* Building an actionable data governance plan and moving from planning to doing
* Maintaining momentum and buy-in
* Measuring success and return-on-investment

Hope you find this information beneficial.