Just in Time Data Governance

Many organizations set out to implement a data governance initiative by forming a large committee with regular working sessions to discuss hypothetical data issues. Having a committee is great, but wasting many people's precious time while two members of the committee debate the definition of "active faculty" or "customer" is not the best use of resources.

When someone needs to build a report or fill a data request, they need access the data stewards and definitions now, rather than 6-months later when it may come up in the committee. This is where "Just-in-time Data Governance" can be your answer. Leave the committee meetings for discussing strategy and status. You want the stewardship to occur whenever and wherever it is needed.

Using data governance workflows, you can route data questions that come up during day-to-day operations directly to data stewards for approvals, editing, or back-and-forth discussion. Build, revise and grow your data dictionary with every question that is being asked and with actual real-life situations. This provides better answers, when they are needed, and without wasting the time of a room full of people with more important things to do.

Watch this informative recorded session on how to implement just-in-time data governance at your organization. And at the end of the webinar, get a look at the Data Cookbook solution from IData that provides the definitions and workflows you need for successful data governance.