How GDPR Affects Higher Ed Institutions and What You Can Do About It

Have you heard about GDPR, but aren't sure how it affects you? Do you still have questions, but don't know what to ask?

Join us to learn about GDPR, data privacy, and why your institution needs to care. GDPR is the "General Data Protection Regulation" that the European Union devised to address data protection and privacy for all EU individuals. 

Social media, global corporations, and large credit agencies have all been targets of data breaches, which lead to lost reputations, and a mistrust on how equipped they are to handle personal information. The public has demanded more control and ownership of their own personal data. GDPR was designed to address how organizations can obtain, keep, and process this personal information. Some breaches may result from security lapses. Other situations arise when institutions don't design adequate stewardship policies.