No Data System Left Behind: Expanded Data Catalog Integration with Data Cookbook and CData

The Data Cookbook integrates with data source metadata, reference data and data quality monitoring. Hundreds of data sources including Salesforce, Workday, and Microsoft Dynamics can now be included in the data governance framework and data intelligence content provided by the Data Cookbook. The JDBC drivers by CData allows a greater number of data sources to be included in data governance.

In this 30 minute webinar session, hear industry experts, Jerod Johnson, Technology Evangelist for CData, and Brian Parish, CEO and Founder of IData, tell the story and answer the following questions:
  •  Who is CData, what does CData provide, and who is using the CData solutions (including Tableau, Oracle, Informatica, and Microsoft)?
  • How do drivers from CData expand the power of the Data Cookbook by connecting with non-standard data sources?
  • What is the process to add this additional capability to your data governance efforts?
Join us for this short 30 minute session to learn how you can enhance and expand your data governance efforts for organizational success.