Where is My Data? Creating a Data System Inventory

Data is everywhere at most organizations, and the number of new data systems keeps growing every year. It is critical that organizations understand where their data is located, what data is in each system, how data is accessed, and who owns the management of the data in each system. A lack of a good inventory of data systems can hinder reporting, integration, and security.

In this recorded webinar will discuss the types of data systems used by an organization, where they are located, and how the data is accessed. We will discuss elements of a good data system inventory, and best practices for tracking your data.

In this session, find out what is necessary in a data system inventory including for each system:
* General information about the data system
* Where it is located
* Who owns it
* Documentation
* Access details
* Data model and metadata
* Data flow and lineage between systems
* Tracking changes in systems

Watch this informative session on how to create a data system inventory at your organization, including features within the Data Cookbook.