How a Customer Service Approach to Data Governance Can Save You Time

This session will discuss an effective approach to data intelligence and data governance at your organization. Build, revise and grow your data governance and data intelligence content with every data-related question that is being asked (just-in-time). This saves you time and provides better answers, when they are needed, and without the cost of endless committee meetings. Document the answers so that they can be used in the future. Improve your data governance and data intelligence with every data-related request that is submitted. Data-related requests (new reports, new dashboards, new integrations, new ETLs, data quality problems, curation of a report, new definitions, etc.) come in all forms and from a variety of individuals and groups. You need to have easy to use processes and effective data stewardship to handle these requests and questions. Join us in this informative, 60 minute recorded session on how a customer service approach will lead to trusted and better used data as well as saving time.