Writing Great Business Glossary Definitions: Some Tips and Brest Practices for Institutional Research Staff

In this session higher education institutional research / effectiveness attendees will receive tips and best practices that can be used to improve the quality and the quantity of the business glossary definitions at their institution. During this 90 minute session you will be given the answers to these questions:
* Why have a glossary?
* What is in a glossary?
* What is not in a glossary?
* Who contributes to and uses a glossary?
* When do we create glossary definitions?
* How do we write great glossary definitions?
* How do we manage definition collisions?
* How do we build up glossary content?

The Data Cookbook data intelligence solution will be mentioned during this session. Also discussed will be the availability of educational data goverance and data intelligence-related resources.
Hope you can join us for this recorded webinar.